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Birth story and updates!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2016, 2:01 PM
 So now that my computer is back up and running - everything of mine got moved down to the basement so i've been computerless and have not exactly drawn anything yet - I can go back to being active!
 Lately i've been feeling inspired art wise, so I hope to get some artwork done soon - even if it is just doodles. I miss drawing and painting, and lately watercolour has been interesting me quite a bit.

 But let's back up here a bit. I had my son a couple months ago! January 28th. He was eight days over due so I went in at 8 am on the 28th for a cervidil induction, and found out I was almost 2cm dilated already. The cervidil honestly was not that bad, a tiny bit uncomfortable but not painful like the nurses say. Although they said I handled it the best out of anyone who gets it lol. So my boyfriend and I stayed at the hospital for a total of 3 hours or so while the induction happened. Nothing was really happening so we went home and he went back to work, which was about 15 minutes away. I crawled into bed and that's when the contractions started, and man oh man did they hit hard. They came frequent right off the bat too, every 3-4 minutes long lasting at least a minute, sometimes longer. Going in the shower didn't work. Nothing helped. I was hunched over in the worst pain i've ever felt in my life, thanks to the stupid cervidil. They gave me a pamphlet about the induction and what to do if certain things happen. Like if the contractions came every 5 minutes and the pain was unbearable I was to go in. So just to be sure I called and described what was happening and was told to hurry on in. So Ty came rushing home, about an hour later of leaving me to go back to work and off we went to the hospital. I got hooked up to monitors and stuff to make sure he was okay and was checked for dilation. Much to my dismay, I had only dilated 0.5 of a cm since going in. Man was I ever bummed, I was so sure due to the amount of pain I was in and how frequent the contractions were, I had progressed more. Nope. I guess I just have a worse pain reaction to the cervidil than most, lucky me. I was in so much pain everything was blurry, so I just kept my eyes shut. All around me there were other women whose labour had started, and holy man did they ever moan. I was the only quiet one I swear. A nurse came and asked if I would like some morphine to help cope with the pain and I happily took her up on the offer. It felt like hours before they came with the needle, and when they finally did, I threw my arm at her. Only, she told me to roll over some more. Confused, I did and once again held out my arm. Nope. Everyone failed to inform me morphine goes into your butt. Thanks guys. After that was done, it took about 15 minutes for it to kick in and man  I was elated. We were even able to go walk around a bit to help get things started. Then I started getting dizzy so we went back to the bed and laid down. Still hadn't progressed very much. As we were laying there talking, I suddenly felt a pop, and bam there goes my waters. Nurse came and checked, yep. Waters broke. So off to the delivery room I go, where the horrible pains started up again. I almost threw up in the hallway because I got so dizzy. Got to the room and onto the bed, and the blinding almost black out pain started again. At that point I was still determined not to do an epidural because the thought of a needle going into my spine terrified me more than anything. So i'm all curled up trying to not cry, and two nurses came in to give me an IV line. I don't remember too much of them being there, other than they had to put the IV in a weird spot on my arm because I guess I wouldn't give them my arm. oops. It took them forever to get it in, and I later learned it was because one was a student nurse. They taped the shit out of my arm. A nurse later on cursed them out as she tried to take it off of me. Finally I caved and requested the epidural. They came in, I sat  on the edge of the bed and warned the nurse holding me that I hate needles, and this terrifies me so I apologize if I make her arms bleed. She said it was okay. I hunched over, and they poked me with the first needle to numb the area. That wasn't so bad. The guy warned me that he was poking the bigger needle in. I waited, and waited, then he said it was done. What? Really? The IV needle hurt a million times worse than that! Everyone was surprised at that, just as much as I was. Honestly, the epidural is no where near as bad as people make it out to be. So that started to kick in gradually, which was freaking fantastic. When it fully kicked in, I was laying there on my phone, talking normally and everything. I was in so much pain before I never noticed that mum had come in lol. So fast forward to 11pm, it was finally time for my little man to come out. Except he didn't want to. The umbilical cord was pinched and with every push, his heartbeat dropped drastically. Like from the normal 130 or so to 60 at it's lowest. So off I went to emergency surgery. My worst fear. So they prepped me on the table and gave me more drugs. I felt him put ointment stuff on my tummy and that made me nervous, as I thought you werent supposed to feel anything. Then he made the first cut. Nope fuck that I can feel it. So they gave me more drugs but my doctor needed to get Carter out. Made another cut and holy mother of god that was a horrible feeling. I started freaking out so I got the gas mask and went to sleep. I woke up sometime later in recovery confused as shit. I always wake up from being put out shaking violently. Nurse piled blankets on me thinking I was freezing but no, that's just how I wake up lol. I don't remember too much there, other than asking the nurse a lot of questions. How's your night going? Pretty busy? Seems like a lot of babies here. Lol. My boyfriend came in at that point decked out in scrubs. Carter was born at 11:23pm, and was a bit blue. Didn't cry at first, then he started screaming and screaming. I didn't get him right away, I think they brought him to me half hour or so later. I was still extremely out of it. We got wheeled off to our room, and that was that. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days. It wasn't too bad. My boyfriend stayed the entire time with me.

 Second day of life!

 Fast forward to now. My little man is 2 months old now. Incredibly bright eyed and strong! He's already able to keep himself steady if you sit him up - of course still holding onto him - and almost rolls over when on the floor. First month and a bit was rough because he had pink eye that wouldn't want to go away, a herniated umbilical cord that got infected, a cold and was colicky. All of that though has gotten better and gone away. He smiles and giggles like there's no tomorrow, and absolutely adores his Dad. Neither of us had wanted kids nor had planned this. However, Carter has changed our lives for the better and I could not be any happier than what I am today. Parenthood isn't as bad as I was expecting!

 Two months old!

 I love my little family, I wouldn't have it any other way. <3 <3

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